2019 Dates and Information

Marriage Connect Group: 
“The Kindness Challenge” (Starts September 29th)

We believe that real life change happens in circles and not just in rows. That means that you’re going to get more relevant and practical advice in the context of a Connect Group (small group). This is especially true when it comes to marriage.

But what if we told you there was one simple thing that can drastically improve any marriage. Would you be interested to learn what it was? We’ll be using a special marriage-focused curriculum called “The Kindness Challenge.”  It’s a 6 week study during the 9am Sunday Service at church. Children’s Ministry is provided.

This group will be led by Robert and Ginny McKnight, our Married People Directors. To participate, please sign up by emailing

Additional Connect Groups for Married Couples 

  1. Sundays 4:30pm (twice/month):  Pastor Chris and Lorraine Garrigue

    • 1070 Oakcrest Ave., Brea

    • Pastor Chris:  626.665.3024 or

    • Childcare provided.

  2. Mondays 7pm (every other weekly): Robert and Ginny McKnight

    • Whittier

    • Robert:  562-881-0741or

  3. Tuesdays 7pm (twice/month, 1st & 3rd):  Pastors Bob and Sherry / Hal and Deborah McNaughton

    • 1669 Tyler Dr., Fullerton

    • Hal/Deborah:  714.255.9223

  4. Fridays 6:30pm (twice/month):  Dick and Jeanine Krause

    • 1355 Willow Bud Dr., Walnut

    • Dick/Jeanine:  909.595.2306

Healthy Marriage Nights  

If you’re married, you know that marriage can sometimes feel like a game. And sometimes, it feels like a game we’re losing. So how do you change the game and have a better marriage? We’re so excited to announce that we’re going to be hosting Healthy Marriage Night events at our church to make your marriage better.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “That doesn’t apply to me. I don’t need to go. Tuning out now.” But honestly, this event is applicable to any married couple. Whether you’re newly engaged or have been married 50 years. All you have to do to sign up and be sure to invite your married friends. We can’t wait to see you there!


Our Healthy Marriage Nights are:

  • Sunday, October 27, 6-8pm

Date Nights  

Where would you rank dating on the priority scale on your marriage? If you’re like most people, it probably falls somewhere underneath job, and money, and kids, and in-laws, and housework, and a bunch of other things we’re probably forgetting. But dating your spouse is so important and we can’t overlook it.

That’s exactly why we’re offering a complimentary date night experience to any interested married couple. All you’ve got to do is stop by the church to pick up a date night kit, complete with instructions for what to do and what to talk about. And if finances would hold you back, we are willing to subsidize your babysitting costs! Inquire by emailing  

Prepare & Enrich Marriage Mentor Program

Prepare & Enrich has been the #1 premarital and marriage assessment for over 35 years. If you are engaged, newlyweds, or want to strengthen your marriage, we have trained and empowered married couples (“Mentors”) that will meet with you and your spouse over 6 sessions for prayer, encouragement, and support utilizing Prepare & Enrich’s proven curriculum.

  • If interested, email with your names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  • The cost will be $50.00, which includes 6 sessions, workbooks, and your customized couples report.

The following couples are Coaches:

  1. Dick and Jeanine Krause

  2. Robert and Ginny McKnight

  3. Dave and Hope Mendoza

  4. Steve and Laurie Pata

  5. Pastor John and Jenny Reeve

  6. Mike and Tiffany Milby

  7. Ryan and Dez Garcia

Hot Summer Nights

It’s important to have fun with your spouse. It creates memories and builds intimacy. That’s why we’re providing some awesome experiences for couples during the summer.  For more info, email

Our Hot Summer Nights are:

  • Sunday, July 21, time/location TBD

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