At The Cause Church, we value selflessly serving others. We value courageously obeying God and going OUT to our community, the country, and nations beyond.



We must never settle for our own comfort in a world beset by serious problems such as moral decay, violence and crime, oppression and corruption. The Cause Church is called to be a voice of compassion and yet at the same time of prophetic protest against all forms of evil. We believe the Bible and the Kingdom of God offer solutions to the problems facing the world today, and we will say and do everything that is morally appropriate to bring about the implementation of these solutions.



Our goal is to provide life-changing continental and international missions training and experiences for any member of the church. We also want to send short term (i.e. several days or weeks) and long term (i.e. several months or years) missionaries to strategic places in the world to help build God’s Kingdom.