JULY 8-12

Daily: 9am - 12pm

This summer all kindergarten through sixth graders are invited to journey through Athens, where the Apostle Paul stayed! Hear straight from Paul himself about why he left a life of privilege and power to face challenges and danger on his mission to share the truth! Experience the interactive Athens Marketplace, with toy-making, a music shop, snacks and more, fun small group activities and exciting Olympic arena games! Bible truth will come to life in ancient Athens, while discovering firsthand the joy of boldly sharing Jesus in an "anything goes" culture! 

Don't miss out on Athens VBS, only $25 per student!



Have you ever wondered?

  • What it was like to live in Bible times?

  • How people even heard about Jesus before there were phones?

  • Why people worshiped so many fake gods?

Find the answers to these questions — and more — in ancient Athens!

Grab a pair of sandals, your bathrobe, and your sense of adventure, and meet us in ancient Athens! We’ll talk to the Apostle Paul to learn all about his dangerous journey to share the truth about God’s love.

If you're interested in volunteering in any way, we have room on the team for you! From sewing, crafting to drama and teaching, there's a place for every gift, talent and availability! Please let us know if you're at all interested in making a huge impact in the lives of the Cause Kids this summer- Click below to sign up!