Giving is not a debt that I owe. Giving is a seed that I sow.

Ecclesiastes 11:4 says, “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap” (NIV). This means that if you wait for the perfect conditions to sow seed, you will never sow seed. If a farmer wakes up and says, “It’s too hot today,” the next day he’ll say it’s too windy. The following day will be too cloudy…too cold…too dry…and so on. He’s waiting for the perfect day to plant his crops. If he waits for the perfect day, the Bible says, he will probably NEVER plant! If he never plants, he’ll never reap!

Some people do the same thing.

They say, “When my checkbook finally gets into the black then I’ll start tithing…When I get the raise…When my ship comes in…When I win the lotto…Things will be great and then I’ll start planting.”

The Bible says don’t do that! You need to sow your seed, time, talent, and treasure in season and out of season, in the morning and at evening. Don’t let your hands be idle because you do not know which seed will succeed.

As a child, I saw my dad tithe fifty bucks a week. That was over thirty years ago when he was making no money because all the gas stations were losing money. I would sit next to him at church and see him write out a check as if he were making good money. I asked him once, “Dad, why do you do that?” My dad replied, “Because I believe God. I am tithing not just on what I am making, but on what I believe God wants me to make.”

You know what happened? When the gas crunch came (the long lines and odd and even license plate days) and many stations went out of business, my dad’s station made more money than it ever had. My dad became prosperous while other gas stations were going down the tubes. You know why? He sowed seed in season and out of season. He did not know which seed was going to be the breakthrough seed. He just kept planting. He knew it would work.

God’s Word says it will.

If we don’t give up, if we don’t lose heart, then in due season we shall reap. Giving is not a debt that you owe, giving is a seed that you sow.

Pastor Bob Reeve

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